Elaine P. Morgan – “Sunset”

My brain awoke this morning
humming the old 60’s tune
Sunshine of your Love.
I wondered why until I saw the place
you always slept was empty. Then
I felt a wakeful tear and heavy sigh.

You adopted me that hot, sunny July
day twenty years ago…a petite
Calico barn cat from the farm
across the road with searching green
eyes saying, Love me, feed me,
save me, help me to survive.
How did you know I would comply?
Did my tender heart wear a
welcome sign?

We took a vow that day, till death
do us part…promising it all,
my spoken word, your soft cat call.

I miss you on my pillow, easing my
pain, purring me to sleep with your
love song. Our gratitude did not wane.
You did not live in vain.

Yesterday was a cool November day
but the midday
sun was strong and warm.
I carressed you as we bathed in the sunshine
of the love we both had for each other as you
passed away. I did not think about tomorrow.
Love is sunshine. Love is sorrow.

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