Because inchoate man fixated most fervently on his base impulses, less circumspect species flew first, relentlessly replicating preternatural wings since they didn’t know they couldn’t.  But when Adam, groveling before discarded instruments of divination, aligned his desire for heraldic pageantry with a soaring double­helix chain reaction and arose, the stars were disturbed, knowing what would come next: It had happened so many times before.  With no limits to our fears or destructive forces­­only to our physical defenses against them­­we engendered red­tinged gray mares and their sorrel colts fleeing across sunset skies bringing behind them a thousand warring generations marching into the night desperately gasping beneath grotesque masks intended to repress pain.  Because this spectacle was deemed elemental, multiplying faction leaders became prosperous accolading their addicted participants in it, producing fractal layers of disfigurement that can only be reversed by transfiguring the combative power of our nervous systems into flagrant blue fields of hope.

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