What is the Praying Mantis praying for
so alert and to whom?
The dragonfly glitters with dustings
from what world?
The cricket’s song repeats ancient questions
we know we should listen to.
We hardly notice how dew
bejewels the grass.

Help us to know the beauty we see.
Help us to feel the beauty we cannot.

Teach us the wisdom
that flows in us unseen
that loves us when
no one else can.

Feed us our dreams for breakfast
so they nourish the day.
Let judgment sit outside the door
with loneliness its companion.

Today’s self will make
bright shapes. Let us love
whatever container
we become.


Elaine Handley – “Grace Note” — 4 Comments

  1. This is just lovely. Thank you. A poem I really need right now….especially dealing with family members with dementia…..the poem is both respite and revelation.

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