Ann MacKenzie – “Iftar”

A Christian woman,
a Muslim family
share a meal at Ramadhan.

The family confesses their pain
over a torn country
where men spray bullets,
shooting off the legs
of innocent Shias,
who are praying
inside an automobile shop.

A brother is left
in a pool of blood,
while others watch
paralyzed in fear.
He dies slowly
in a country
losing its light.

But here
in this neighborhood,
a Christian woman
sits with a Muslim family
at sundown.

They break bread.
They eat kebabs and rice.
They drink sweet water.
They feel God.


Ann MacKenzie – “Iftar” — 4 Comments

  1. More interfaith and cross cultural dialogues need to happen at the World stage …so we can stop this wave of fear and misunderstanding poisoning the Human Plant like a pesticide.

    Anthony Mondal(poet/writer)

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