Bo Niles – “Tenebrae”

I can sit
I can sit this night
I can sit in the dark of this night
after the candles have been extinguished
and the cross draped in black
and the altar stripped bare
but I cannot seem to pray
I cannot seem to
I can sit in this dark and strip my heart
I can sit with this dark and strip myself
of all but the one candle I hold
and will not extinguish
as my vigil for two mothers
his and mine
I can sit through this dark as still as I sat
waiting for my mother to die
I can sit as still as I sat reading her journals
and waiting for the dark
to extinguish the candle in her heart
I can sit still and I can wait in this dark
because in her journals my mother wrote
how she loved him and prayed to him
and because I love her and I love his mother
I confess I love him too
and perhaps this is after all a prayer


Bo Niles – “Tenebrae” — 3 Comments

  1. This is a powerful reflection, Bo. I loved everything about it.
    You have captured the mood of prayer and supplication, done, as
    you say, when you don’t think you are doing it. Thanks so much
    for this contribution

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