Marty Silverthorne – “Bath Creek Music”


Marty Silverthorne

Bath Creek Music

I turn my ear to the crow’s caw
harmonizing above a cluster
of pine cones. Gulls’ screeching
calls me to a watery altar where
backwash has its own beat,
jumping mullets slap the surface
beyond the buoy. A sailboat
reveals itself, a ghost treading
water; I tune my ear to the rhythm
of the mallard’s wings. I brave
mosquito and moccasin to study
the map on the turtle’s back.
Unnamed birds cry as the sailboat
enters the bay. What I know
of living I learned from wind, and
water singing. I stalk your smile
looking up at me from the river.


Marty Silverthorne – “Bath Creek Music” — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful and evocative imagery throughout. I appreciate the clever line breaks and I love the juxtaposition of nature’s sounds with music. My favorite line was “backwash has its own beat”, but there are so many good ones here.

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