Issue 4 – Eidenier

Elon G. Eidenier

Charred Reflections # 1

When your mind escapes listen to the Bulbul. Song
             is what horses do when they die. Where goes loneness?
                          How grow wings? Never aim a blow torch at questions.

When eating tangible materials while undertaking extraterrestrial
             explorations there is no straight forward. Only a snowball’s
                          chance a crooked truth turns to beauty. Hang on every

word ‘til crows come. What is a fence to sheep between sheets?
             The body skates on political failure. Driven, reason can twist
                          the mind into chambers of killing. Spend time in a junk

yard, search smashed steel, rub steering wheel knobs, collect
             a rabbit’s foot. Few wait at boundaries escaping. Trade the
                          expected word. Feel the swish of scythe as it glides a

steely glimmer. In immense ignorance embrace the enormous
             sensorium. Think of the seepage when the orange sun collides
                          with a dredging vessel & leaves an ocean stain.

Where is my typewriter?

Letters in a vast sea dotted by tiny islands. Would you like
             to be the one to speak a language for the last time?