Issue 5 – Raza

Sultana Raza

The Descent of Words

What does it take for words to descend
to become captured, fixed, still,
not free to fly around anymore?

Do they feel constrained,
bound, immovable
frozen as much in space as in time?

Yet they come to say something
mean something
even inspire or cheer up people.

Help and give confidence
get spun into people’s lives
provide solutions, show the way.

For there are people
who actually do what they say,
follow their instructions.

As words are humanity’s guide to the Light
out of folly and the mind’s prison
they have changed peoples, nations, history…

Is that too big a prize for
being imprisoned on paper?

For the journey from paper
to the hearts and minds of others
is a pleasurable one indeed.

Is that not the raison d’etre of words
not just to communicate
but also to guide, stir change.

And when they see themselves
translated into action
that changes humanity…

Is it not worth it
to stay imprisoned for a few hundred years?

Is it not worth it
to descend on snow white virgin paper?