Issue 7 – Lukas


Susan Lukas


p>My cat Evie was off in her own little world when I photographed her. What was she thinking about? That’s for the viewer to decide. I have two cats and have lived with them for years. Their different personalities are part of what I love about them. Our pets move into our hearts and give us love. We care for them, play with them, and sleep with them.

My first cat, Pica, was a kitten sitting in the middle of a street when I found her. I scooped up the shivering cat just after a semi narrowly missed her. It was meant to be. We both needed comfort and refuge. I took her to a vet who said she was just malnourished and would be OK. We stayed together through thick and thin after that. She was a loving, cuddling friend. One day I had to take her back to the vet because a tumor made it difficult for her to breathe. I held her as her life slipped away. It was one of the hardest days of my life.

We are social beings and need love to survive. Though often we ignore this fact, we have no choice but to love one another. What is love? It’s invisible until our actions define it as a hug or a kiss; or a smile for a stranger. By opening ourselves to love, we may be hurt. But true love involves courage and the expectation that it might not be returned.

The hardest love of all may be to love ourselves. We all make mistakes. When we forgive ourselves and see errors as lessons to be learned, that is our greatest love. Without this love, it is difficult to give it away to others.

TECHNIQUE: This collage used seven different photos to create its dreamy effect. The water and textures of lace and clouds in the water; the pier and the clouds on the pier and then my cat made an image that many people at art shows have enjoyed. They often wonder if the cat is fishing, but she was sitting on my couch, actually, daydreaming.