Issue 8 – Cavano

Frank Cavano

I Will Not Write Today Because

I will not write today because
I want to write today.
If I were to write today
I would be too concerned with
the product, too insistent that
it bring me plaudits, too
compelled by an ego already
swollen as a river in a rainstorm.

I cannot afford to be the river
ripping rocks from their beds,
stealing the fishes’ dinner and
flooding the farmers’ corn field.

I will wait for the day when
I am content to be so
insignificant that All
can be given me as
knowledge to a child who
knows he doesn’t know.

Perhaps then, in gratitude,
will I recall the Trickle in
the Hilltop that writes
Its songs in you and me.
Then will I wish no longer to
become but only to Be.

These are the reasons that
I will not write today—tomorrow.