Issue 8 – Going

Jo Going


In the name of the Mother,
and the granddaughter,
and the wild place inside:

Above the silt churned river,
the stone stands
in blooming fireweed
alone by Rainbow Mountain.

           Salve Regina,
           Ora pro nobis.

Ten thousand times
had I passed;
ten thousand times
had I looked across.

           Rosa Mystica,
           Ora pro nobis.

What made me see
that day, I do not know,
but something, or someone,
called me by my name.

           Stella Tundraorum,
           Ora pro nobis.

There She stood,
veil lifted, arms folded,
with snow on her breast,
a moon at her feet.

           Regina Angelorum,
           Ora pro nobis.

Called to prayer, I knelt—
for the lynx and the hare,
for the fleet and the halt,
for what we are, and would become.

           Mater Dei,
           Ora pro nobis.

In the name of the Mother,
and of the North,
and of the wild place inside,