Issue 8 – Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith

Each Splash


I could have sworn that the detective in Crime and Punishment
appeared in many pages. Not so.
And King Lear. He’s not always there and there’s a lot about the dukes—
Cornwall and Albany. And I didn’t remember Albany’s change of heart.
Or was it an unexpected appearance of decency?


An open door policy—
immigration, trade, the bedroom—
is that what the man in the moon wants?


My sister accused me
of pushing her out of a window,
beginning by saying:
This will be controversial.


When we’re finished with school,
we’re free to skip parts of long novels—
some of the war in War and Peace
for example—but are outraged
if pages are missing.


Miss me.


If I could skip a stone
my hand on shore
would feel each splash
like a revelation.