Issue 9 – Lyon


Marianne Lyon

Going Home

Back then it was easy
to contemplate leaving home
what was outside my limitations
roared fortissimo

Back then I thrust myself through
thin tissue of childhood
into delicate stirrings, attractions
burning desires, mysterious insecurities

Back then I began a pilgrimage
to find a Holy Grail
a journey to some exotic place, emotional peak
give myself to a garden of roses

Back then I didn’t see the
dark pine woods sparkling off
the surface of the silver lake
my small self deciphering
sweet tweets of birds
naming bright constellations

Back then I didn’t see maple leaves
turned in on themselves
feel the sun warming my young skin
until I felt melted
liquefied to soft gold

Back then I never guessed
I would have these memories—
imprinted somewhere inside
erasing them impossible